Friday, March 23, 2018

Around Southard

The old Harris School on Southard Street is always photogenic.
 There were plans to make it an artist's colony but the school board failed to close the sale and actually the not for profit that wanted to buy it went under in the Bernie Madoff scandal.
 Generations of young children in Key West passed through these classrooms and now the property supposedly up for development was ion the market for 17 million dollars. 
Free parking:
It has been a strange winter with lots of cold days and a sudden late cold spell in March.
Cold crisp sunny days. In March. Odd.
This is how winter should be. I was talking to a long time employee at the police department, a civilian who has worked for the city for 50 years, working to keep her health insurance until she can retire. "I've never seen snow," she said and she never wants to. I sympathize.
The library garden above on Fleming Street. Outside the library a camouflaged chicken below:
My walking partner, at rest:
Often he prefers his scrunched up bed to stretching out on the couch or with alongside me. Odd dog.