Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fizzy Water Wars

I saw this sign at my local gas station.

I am a Coke guy, I prefer my cola mixed with vanilla essence, while the newer generation seems to like lemon essence. But still, a tiny bottle shaped for our "convenience" at an absurd price? Really? I hate advertising.

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Key West Wanderers

It was really me who was the wanderer. After my breakfast on Caroline Street I took a walk around Key West Bight, camera in hand.

The way people shop is a trait I see in myself when I'm on the road, looking for a small memory of a happy place to take home.

Some visitors anticipate their time on the water by displaying their buttocks shoreside. It's an odd social permission that is given in seaside towns, tom pretend you are swimming while actually walking.

They come some of them, covered up. Sunglasses and all.

They march along two by two, looking for that Key West moment.

A bicycle in Key West is as natural as a giant SUV at home.

Some visitors ride mopeds. This dude looks too hard core to be a visitor.

Map in hand.

Laid back Key West where we chat to pass the time of day.

Come to Key West, wander the waters, the coral reef, the sunset.

So, is Key West, notorious party town good for families? They seem to think so.

The Key West wanderers, looking for I'm not sure what.

Coming and going.

Going fishing? No, once they pulled away this couple was, I saw, on a parasail boat flying above the water at speed under a parachute.

Key West Bight early in the day is quite the place to walk and wander and see what's what.

And at dusk a fancy dinner at the Commodore or Berlin's or raucous seafood at Alonzo's. Same place different light.

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