Thursday, December 19, 2019

Stormy Weather

We are told we face a few days of harsh weather. Yes of course I know that lows in the mid 60s and highs in the mid 70s. doesn't sound like a blizzard to those more used to winters in Michigan and other places where winter sports reign. However in a town where fishing is one of the highest rated activities I fear there will be the inexperienced who will try their hand going out in boats in winds strong enough to drown them. It happens every winter people have to be rescued from unsuitable craft in harsh conditions. This is not small craft weather.
The cold front has blown in with rain and wind as you might expect. I always feel bad when people come for a few days escape from winter and this is what they get. For those of us who made it through one of the longest  and hottest humid summers in Keys memory a cold front can be quite refreshing. I don't much like rain and damp and gray skies but I console myself in the knowledge that it doesn't last long.
Just the other day I was walking Duval Street before going to work for my scheduled evening shift  and I saw plenty of sunshine.  The Tuesday evening shift which comes by every couple of weeks puts me downtown after a class at the gym before I have to report to work  so knowing what was to come I took a stroll with my face to the sun. 
Let's be honest a seat a drink and some music might have been nice...that's the future of the retired not the life of the resident. 
They say children are not the target audience on Duval Street but apparently they can wear themselves out as well as anyone.
The parade that is Duval Street is never ending. I wish there were more shops that would attract shoppers but mixed in with the t-shirts we seem to attract mostly chain candy stores, gift shops and bars. Not. magnet for people who live in town.
I suppose a telephone is more attractive under the circumstances but I have to say I saw people cycling and skateboarding with their faces in their screens.I trust if something goes wrong they will have the strength of character to acknowledge their share of responsibility for their lack of attention.
The epicenter of it all. I am amazed how Key West manages to keep selling itself as vacation central. I understand the draw of mild winters but the myths and legends and tall tales never  fade. The wild chickens, the silly pirate stories, Hemingway and the other less manly writers, the hippies and wild squatters of the sixties and seventies,  Cuba the Bahamas, the southernmost everything and coconuts in your yard. The fascination is endless.
No one should live here, and be allowed to peep behind the curtain of fibs that makes Key West the back drop to so many lives.  In a week the winds will die down the clouds long since gone will come back with the winter heat and flat waters.  May piracy rule even only as myth and offer a glimmer of romance far beyond the reach of tropical winters.