Thursday, June 22, 2017

Monochrome Beach Babes

I wanted to post these pictures on my Instagram account. I liked the photos but I had no story to tell which is why I like Instagram, a  place to post pictures without commentary politics or drama. I liked the black and white pictures I took at Boca Chica Beach. But Instagram let me down.
Instagram messed with my artistic visions cropping my pictures every time I tried to group them into one post. Instagram knew better than I how to post these photos. Fair enough I said, I'll post one so it won't be cropped by the Instagram auto-editor and the rest I shall keep to myself. And a few select friends.
In photography classes they tell you to keep objects in motion in the side of the picture that projects across the photo, giving the moving object somewhere to go, as it were. In the picture below I did the exact opposite barely squeezing the yacht into the frame while just managing to get the navigation aid on the right into the picture also to give perspective. But I liked the unconventional result anyway.
Pictures that should have been without words...but all quite pretty enough for me on my beach.