Monday, July 5, 2010

Walking Ramrod

My wife, on her way to the gym in the morning dropped Cheyenne and I off along the way, on the north side of Highway One. The suburbs of Ramrod:I like this island and why people throw beer bottles along the road I couldn't say.First thing in the morning, in the cool of early morning the dog is full of energy and picture taking suffers as a consequence. Tilted house: Not so tilted house. Cheyenne must have been rooting in the bushes.
The side of Ramrod north of Highway One is a suburb of mixed homes mostly on dry lots, even though there are some canals. There are lots of wooded areas between the houses on this side of the island. Cheyenne takes advantage.
As do people for some extraordinary reason.
Many of the cross streets are gravel roads which gives the island a truly rural flavor. Ramrod is small, some three miles by one mile approximately, in a more or less triangular shape.
It is named for a ship that hit the reef south of here and sank ignominiously. Some people think Ramrod Key is named for sexual deviance but that is more a reflection of them than the island. but I confess I am not completely certain what sort of deviance the name conjures, nevertheless if you want a wooded hideaway there are still opportunities.There are remarkably large homes on these expansive dry lots. Just keep the boat on a trailer and you are never far from salt water. The Florida Keys Aqueduct provides running water for all and that little silver disc is some sort of automated meter reading device. I sued to think being a meter reader driving around all day would be a fine job. It's gone the way of buggy whip making, for the most part.There's always something of interest for a dog on the move.
It doesn't look much like a rottweiler but it has back up.
As usual Cheyenne went her way ignoring all other dogs.
It's a small island but there are miles of streets to wander at will and not much traffic after everyone has gone to work.
Parts of the island are salt marshes surrounded by mangroves. Insect repellent comes in handy.
One of the nicest, most symmetrical poincianas around. This building used to house the medical examiner's office before they moved it to Marathon. I always thought it odd I lived across the Highway from the autopsy center of the Keys.
And so home to our side of the island, forty minutes later. A final twenty minute stump and sniff and we will be home at last.