Friday, April 20, 2012

Middle Fleming

The back garden to the library at 700 Fleming was own the last time I strolled by. It's been closed a while and now mysteriously it's open. Too bad I didn't have time to stop by.

The library bicycle rack is always full. It's the oldest public
library in Florida and sometimes I wonder if it is't the busiest.

Classic conch cottage and bougainvillea blooming.

Really blooming, it's thick around here. My own bush at home is doing quite nicely too, though on a much smaller scale.

I believe a local group called Just For Kids is responsible for the many decorated fire plugs. As bright as bougainvillea.

Right next to the classic Key West homes we find these apartments, classic stucco which I was more used to seeing in California.

I'm not much of a window shopper but you never know what shop keepers think will please the visitor's eye. Like a jar of seashells.

Anxious cyclists, with Mom telling the kid to do as she says not as she does. Helmet for the nipper, fashionable cap for Mom.

There they are dwarfed by the big brick building that marks Simonton and Fleming.

Bricks were expensive to bring to Key West but enough came as ship's ballast to allow for some construction that wasn't wood.

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