Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Frances Street By Night

As absurd as it sounds I have become quite fond of my utility vehicle, a mundane and unremarkable Ford Fusion. It takes night photography to make this 32 mile per gallon dog transporter look minimally flashy. I generally only drive the car when I can't use the motorcycle so I tend not to get too involved in the car ownership thing. I like sedans because they handle better and four doors are helpful when a Labrador is involved.

As much as I like motorcycles I have little or no interest in cars. Perhaps because they always seemed expensive to own and run especially compared to motorcycles that went a lot faster and used a lot less gas. Winter was a problem but a clunker got me through the critical snow filled months, so I don't have much of a history of owning interesting cars. A heater, windshield wipers and decent tires work for me.

We had had a splendid dinner at my wife's second favorite restaurant in Old Town so in an effort dissipate the effects of Key Lime Pie and Grouper and a surprisingly full bodied Tuscan white wine we went for a stroll in darkness from Café Sole on Southard Street.

Key West manages to look excellent in black and white and my phone camera does a brilliant job of capturing the monochrome images.

In a town with abundant greenery and Conch cottages every picture ends up looking atmospheric.

Even though It is winter and supposedly high visitor season the streets were pretty quiet around seven o'clock at night.

I could sent ours staring at palm fronds reflecting the light or stylized pineapples decorating fences.

But it was time to go home and my wife had indulged me long enough, me and my phone camera. I was a little wistful pondering the lives lived behind illuminated curtains but we had to get home to finish our plonk.

We got the best to go box for my wife's left over tuna, all wrapped swan-like in foil which was a lovely touch,

And there was plenty of San Gimignano white left over for a second tasting at home. As plonk goes it wasn't all bad.