Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Folk Art

I swear to God I am taking all the therapists and doctors and nurses at their word: I will walk again. They insist I will have no problem and I believe them. When my pelvis can bear my weight I shall go home and then I will be in training for Broga, walking Rusty and returning to my beloved Appalachia for long hikes with the one I love ( and who loves me demonstrably!). 

Meanwhile I think back to strolling, ambling, wandering, striding, and lusting after the beauty of the Southernmost Key.  I shall grab it all by the waist and plant big wet kisses of joy that I am back better than before and let the fearful doubters be damned. My lust for life is redoubled. Not dimmed. 

Another old friend of mine got in touch and advised she too has been to the hospital for cancer surgery with an excellent prognosis but still an appalling scare. I was glad she reached out to me and I hope our shared laughs made her feel better. I was not such a supportive friend years ago.

So: where were we?  Ah yes folk art. I never used to get out enough before the wreck but I did get to an extraordinary exhibit of Key West Folk Art and I was planning a series of photo essays to illustrate the influence of Mario Sanchez on the Key West scene. Lovely space at the Museum of Art and History. 

Mario Sanchez the influence.  

Can you tell a Balbontin from a Sanchez? 

And another one: 

Lovely stuff and this isn’t all. When I get nostalgic I’ll post more.