Monday, February 29, 2016


The question now is this: is this webpage worth five bucks to you? I have spent almost eight years posting here and have deliberately avoided asking for anything in part because this page is for me. However Google has started making noises about the value of its Picasa photo storage system which will be "unsupported" as of May 1st. This means I will have to change photo storage, uploading from my phone and downloading to a new webpage and so forth to retain my space on the web. And this is not all I have to do at the moment.

My night job schedule has been turned upside down by decisions made up the chain of command that have nothing to do with me but have wrecked my daily schedule for weeks ahead. Every day I thought I had off I don't; moving from one shift to the other means every off day is now on, and every work weekend is now off, for the rest of the summer and who knows after that.

My work with 911buddy has moved into the promotion and marketing arena which is utterly unfamiliar to me. Building the app was easy because I knew what I wanted, precisely. And when I say "easy" I mean I knew the path I wanted to follow and even though it was full of pitfalls and dead ends and empty promises I knew where I was going. Marketing the app is a whole other beast. And that is where you come in.

I have put 911buddy for sale in the App Store for $4.99 thanks to a new marketing path. If you live in the US, have an iPhone and want me to continue this blog you need to buy 911 buddy and post a five star review in the iTunes Store. I'm sorry to be blunt but that's the way it is. Before I start the process of building my own domain, or possibly going to Wordpress and transferring pictures and words while learning new photo storage and download techniques and all the rest, I need to know you have my back. I can no longer juggle the stress of training Rusty, writing this blog, writing the 911buddy blog, managing a whole new night shift at Key West PD and still stay friendly with my wife, unless enough of you affirm that this page is worth less than the price of one cup of hipster coffee for a year's worth of pictures.

Consider this: I'm not asking for a donation. 911buddy works, it will save lives, perhaps of someone you love. And it will improve the 911 calling experience for all. But you have to help me get the word out. Buy the app, rate it in the iTunes Store and tell your family and friends. I need you lot to give my app a kick start to get the app visibility in the wide world. If not, this page goes dark and I turn to more intrinsically rewarding activities.



Hoping you don't let me and my partners down....