Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What A Clot

Lucky me I got home last night after a terminal scare. I was not ready to go back to the hospital. I imagined myself in a multi bed ward at Lower Keys Medical Center. I couldn’t stand it. I waited my turn at Advanced Urgent Care on North Roosevelt Boulevard. 

My right leg had been giving me trouble swollen and painful all day. Exercise is what it needs so I had gone walking of course and apparently that wasn’t what it wanted so I went to the clinic on North Roosevelt driven by my ever patient wife to see what needed to be done. 

It was a gloomy evening’s entertainment especially considering the original plan which called for a slow walk to Alonzo’s on the Boardwalk for happy hour fish and a mojito. Yeah well my pain and swelling wrecked my wife’s good idea of course.  It was all good after we got the news that there was no blood clot and I went home after a short moment in privatexwith the nurse who quite understood my tears of relief. I really don’t want to go back to the hospital and certainly not Lower Keys which has an abysmal reputation.  Layne was seriously thinking of driving ninety minutes to Mariners in Tavernier. Shit. I’d have gone back to Jackson South...But none of this apocalyptic thinking was necessary and I got a clean bill of health. The drive home was lovely.

I’m drinking more water and walking more steps. I’m getting my routines down and I’m learning to manage my new spaces. Friends came all day Tuesday and kept me up and chatting, catching up on the life I’ve been missing. Wednesday I go to Broga (yes!) for a restorative session, gentle moves on the mat that I will do as able.  I am excited. Then lunch with another friend. How good it is to be home. I am a lucky man ( with a painful leg). 

My boy.