Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Duncan Street

When I wrote about Leon Street recently I noted that someone like me who likes to commute enjoys trying to find different routes to work. As my ride to work has to be down Highway One the variations on the daily theme come into play in Key West. The fast and obvious route to the police station from the triangle is down North Roosevelt, but approaching from South Roosevelt along the scenic route along Smathers Beach puts me on White Street. One of my preferred turns is onto Duncan Street, no least because I like the green wall pictured above.A walk along Duncan Street looking east of a summer's afternoon lengthens the shadows most delightfully:And as I arrive at work around ten minutes before six post meridian, this is the view I generally get to see, long shadows and chiaroscuro contrasts:I like noticing that in Key West mundane bike racks get well used:One would like to think the volume of bicycles in a residential neighborhood might reduce dependence on off-street parking. Fat chance:Duncan is narrow and short and it packs lots to see in the blocks just off White Street. Well, lots to see if you have modest ambitions like me. A tall dude walking a small dog:A vine covered cottage:A mansion (Key West sized mansion) for sale:And of course, another example of outdoor living:I found this sign somewhat amusing in light of the vehicles crowding it out:I found no signs of Art at work but before I turned the camera off I found some wild decorations on a car port:And Nature adds it's own artistic effect to the little street:Call it neighborhood pride but someone added a flower bed to the base.