Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cloudy Walk, Florida Keys

Dawn in the mangroves. Summer tends to bring lighter winds, though this July has been quite breezy during the day when the air heats up.
These are all iPhone pictures, taken around 7am after I got home from my night shift and I took Rusty to North Cudjoe Key for his morning walk.
It gets hot fast and in summer he tends to be more lethargic I notice than in winter when he nags me for an afternoon walk. This time of year he sunbathes and sleeps on the tile floor in the kitchen.

 The value of daily exercise on and off the leash is not valued enough by would-be dog owners in my opinion. People wonder why my dogs, rescues all over the years, are so laid back. I attribute their calmness and easy going disposition to the daily promise I make: lots of alone time walking with me, and I don't keep Rusty on a tight leash either. A long walk on his terms produces a calm happy dog: