Friday, October 30, 2009

Aronovitz Lane

President Barack Obama has signed legislation naming the Federal Courthouse after a Key West native Sidney Aronovitz. He was born in Key West and died in Miami where he served on the Federal Bench after he was appointed by President Gerald Ford. There is also a little lane named Aronovitz off Whitehead Street. So little it is only marked by a one way sign:Aronovitz is only half a block long and takes a sharp turn to the right:I found a rather large and impressive tree overhanging the small lane and it was about the most attractive feature there:Cowboy Bills bar has nothing good to say to people looking to park their cars:Mind you there was a ghastly foetid smell emanating from this spot as though a cat had died and a sewer had erupted all at once. Parking a car seemed a highly unlikely activity for anyone with nostrils. And what this palm tree did to merit getting horribly scalped like this beggars the imagination:This is the portion of Aronovitz that heads south toward Angela Street:I saw tis little rooster lurking in some off street parking:Of course there are Conch cottages galore, though why anyone would want to live within half a block of the ruinous noise of Duval Street beats me:
In case you had any doubts this isn't a park:And with one's back to Duval Street Aronovitz doesn't look too bad at all, looking toward Whitehead Street to the west:
I wonder what else will be named Aronovitz before they are through though perhaps he could have got a nicer street.