Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Edge Of Key West

It's time for a few seascapes and luckily I have some I took recently. The Key West harbor looking west from Truman Waterfront. It was dawn actually even though the sky was pink in the west.
Navy Basin, Key West

The Coast Guard Cutter museum is still here, well worth a visit: Ingham Link on my blog.

In this picture taken a little later the direction of the sunlight from behind me is much clearer on the clouds. on the horizon there are a number of mangrove islands which offer protected shallow water boating and kayaking. These guys have a good reputation though I've never been out with them: Danger Charters Link.

Further north I check out Mallory Square and there was a cruise ship approaching, led by the pilot boat. Pilots are used to guide ships safely into harbors, a specialized job that has been around as long as there have been large ships. If you want to know more: Harbor Pilots Link.

My sidekick is getting much better at walking around town and enjoying the experience. Rusty is much less jumpy as you'd expect after two months living with me and walking everywhere. He is a great dog.

The master of his domain: this time Mallory Square:

It was a morning worth taking pictures:

You can watch the sunset here and order drinks and everything. You won't find Rusty at Sunset Pier as we aren't guests at Ocean Key Resort but we took a quick peak. Might have to bring my wife before a play or something.

Slowly slowly the cruise ship approaches.

And life on the Key West waterfront carries on regardless.

Gone fishing.