Sunday, May 13, 2012

St Paul's Cathedral

It occurs to me it's time I took a few pictures inside the big white wedding cake at Eaton and Duval.

It's a really cool thing that this church in the middle of tourist town's crazy nexus is kept wide open.

The church has an air of permanence untouched by the passing of the ages yet St Paul's has been knocked down by hurricanes in it's history.

It's an Episcopal church yet it appears to my formerly Catholic eyes as being about as gussied up as the churches I knew in my youth.

The Wendy's across the street is a gathering place for the helpless and hopeless who come to Key West to sit on the sidewalk and beg. Hence my continuing surprise that the people in charge of St Pauls's hew so sturdily to the principle of openness that churches traditionally adhered before the advent of over arching fear of liability, desire for self preservation and the dominance of insurance requirements.

I love checking the plaques that line these churches, the old practice of buying salvation much decried and here preserved.

Organ recitals are a lunch time feature at St Paul's and when I worked downtown during the day I greatly enjoyed taking a break here.

Restoration is in full swing.

Of course this huge space is not climate controlled by artificial means.

Curry is a familiar name of long standing on this island.

Lovely isn't it?

I mean, where else would you go to find this art on daily view if not here?

The history geeks in town have recognized the value of this church and the efforts to maintain it.

In the Bible it says, as I recall, that those who give in secret get their reward in the kingdom of heaven. But buying indulgences publicly have their own reward I guess.

Coming out of the serenity of the church we find ourselves abruptly back in the world.

Time to go shopping, and eating and drinking.

I heard one tourist remark to his companion, as they passed me in the crush of sidewalk walkers that there sire are a lot of goddamned churches on this island. Yup, and bars too.

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