Sunday, November 12, 2017

Celo Vacation

Rusty and I are on vacation this week, returning to my sister-in-law's place (above) in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It will be about four days of walking the woods and taking pictures and struggling with feeble cell phone signals and occasional wifi outages...mountains have their issues.
The weather forecast calls for dry days with highs around 60 which might seem cool for the tropics but it's usually quite comfortable with some sun and no wind and a few clothes. Celo is a private community of people living off the land as much as they can  in the woods outside Asheville which is itself a fairly crunchy university town filled with shamans and healing auras and goddesses and stuff like that.
It's a great place for a change and a rest. I'm excited to be going back. I think he will be too after we complete the 16 hour drive. Luckily like everything else Rusty is very good and patient in the car.
It took Rusty a few days to get used to huge forests and fallen leaves like he had never before seen in his short life on the streets of Homestead. Once he got the hang of it he  really ran the woods as you might imagine. It will be good for both of us to get away for a few days and see mountains and walk trails and enjoy a crisp refreshing change. My wife has to work so she will keep the homestead in order while we are away.
Cheyenne used to like Celo too. I'm always sorry to come away but its too rugged for me to live there full time. Mount Mitchell, the highest point on the east coast overlooks my in-laws' place and it gets pretty snowy and cold and wet and foggy and damp at these elevations many months of the year.
When it's sunny it's perfect. When it's not it gets pretty harsh after a few days of struggling with real weather. It is pretty. North Carolina Highway 80:
A bit of wilderness is good for you. 
Gone a week and then back to the grindstone. Pictures here and on Instagram at michaelconchscooter
Brother-in-law Bob:

Sister-in-law Geeta:

With daughter-in-law and grandchild: