Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spring In The Keys

Dar lives in that part of the world where the Federal Police wear red,
and where people rejoice in the fact that they have seasons.
So much so she issued a challenge.
Now I don't want to be a dick, Asperger's notwithstanding which makes me sound like a dick frequently anyway, but Spring around here looks pretty much like this because it looks like this all the time.
I like perpetual summer. If I need a dose of cold or colored leaves I'll happily take a drive or better yet a ride, poke around and turn tail back to endless summer. The thing is that when you live in this sort of climate you get used to 80 plus degrees (27 Canadian degrees) so a cold front starts to chill when temperatures go below 70/20. That's seasonal in the Keys.
Cheyenne appreciates every little dip in temperature even though some winter days get hot and humid of course. This time of year she gets to be a dog vampire spending sunlit hours sleeping in the air conditioning.
Swimming has started in earnest now that water temperatures are consistently warm. We've been swimming in salt water for about six weeks, tentatively at first but now most days we take a dip in the canal behind the house. That's the real sign Spring has sprung.
And swimming will continue we hope till October/November when the second cold front of the season will indicate the arrival of Fall. And then we get to open the house up and turn off the air conditioning and Cheyenne gets to come and go without having to clamber through her dog door. As seasonable as I need it thanks.