Sunday, June 1, 2008

Electronic Meltdown

So, I went to New Mexico last weekend and I put the blog on autopilot, I wrote the essays before I left Key West and scheduled them for publication while I was away- a new feature offered by Blogger and it worked perfectly, posting on time while I was hamming it up with Bruce and Celia and their hell hounds in Santa Fe. It was a test run for these next two weeks when I am taking my annual vacation and going to Italy for some family visits and a motorcycling celebration of my oldest friend's 50th birthday. Giovanni and I grew up together riding mopeds around the Umbrian hills and we still try to get together every year and go for a motorcycle ride. So I was all set to write up some Florida essays and get them ready for posting while I was gone. I even bought a new camera for the trip as my old Nikon had been dropped one time too many and was starting to creak and groan...that was when my laptop died. There is a virus seizing the machine and we've sent it off for repair or replacement.

This fiasco struck in the wake of all my other recent catastrophes, major and minor. The air conditioning dying, and that was repaired within a few days making the house habitable. The propane nearly ran out and was promptly refilled by Suburban Propane exactly as promised. It rained so the cistern got some water back and we are off the aqueduct again. The camera is replaced as mentioned, and I've got new luggage for the Italian trip after American Airlines first lost and then trashed my suitcase on our flight home from Albuquerque... and I've replaced my toolbox man purse with a neat new backpack with shoulder straps and everything. I'm ready for anything! And then my glasses frame snaps in two while I'm polishing a lense at 3 in the morning! GRrft#$%^&! And what are the odds my opticians in Key West will have a frame in stock compatible for my lenses? I guess I'm traveling with my spares on my nose. When will this streak of breakages and failures end? Rude words.

Anyway I apologize in advance as I know some people have come to expect a new tropical essay as part of their routines and I am unable to update the blog properly as planned. So what I have done as a compromise is pull up a few of my favorite older essays and re-routed them for self publication while I am in Italy. They should pop up approximately every other day and I hope they will tide people over till I get back mid June and things get back to normal. My wife has promised there will be a working lap top at home by then. The first re-run comes up tomorrow and I leave for Italy on Tuesday.

I have found writing the blog to be very relaxing and I have missed being able to get online at home. I have lots of essay ideas I've had to put on hold and I will get on with them when I get back. With a new much improved camera to boot. I'm very excited about the quality of night photography possible with the Canon, I experimented in Santa Fe and the pictures were very sharp. Key West By Night pictures should be outstanding when I can, once again start downloading (Grrr!). One piece of good news (touch wood) the Bonneville is running fine and I will miss it while I am in Italy whoring around with a rented BMW. I will only be unfaithful to my Triumph through force of circumstances (no Triumphs for rent in the entire city of Terni apparently). A man has to do etc.

TTFN (Ta Ta For Now).