Sunday, February 19, 2012

Overseas Highway At Dawn

I took a drive with Cheyenne and the sky was such that the clouds, the sunlight, the impending rain perhaps, all conspired to make for some memorable seascapes. This is what you can expect to see riding the Overseas Highway on a morning pregnant with the promise of rain and sun in equal measures.

Bahia Honda Bridge:

Seven Mile Bridge:

Long Key Bridge:

Matecumbe Key:

Indian Key:

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Simonton Street

Seventy three degrees didn't last long when the latest cold front got through ravaging us.

Temperatures dropped to the mid 50s a couple of nights after I took these pictures and daytime highs were in the mid 60s. I had got complacent and had just finished remarking to my wife how we had had a lovely mild winter, just how I like them.

Simonton Street named for one of the four Anglo founders of the town is a useful street to get from one side to the other without dealing with the cruising on neighboring Duval. It's also useful because the Bottle Cap Bar is on the corner of Catherine Street.

Not being a barfly myself this is not really my scene but the easy liquor to go window has a certain appeal.

And when you are done at the Bottle Cap you can put your used beer here in this conveniently located toilet strewn lovingly along the side of the street, part of the artful urban landscaping that occasionally overwhelms good taste.

Instead of filling in the hole they just chose to paint it. You Have Been Warned.

A fine accoutrement for any Key West bicycle.

I barely saw the banana until a thunderstruck passerby pointed it out.

Which led inevitably to this:

And there it was, at the end of my little walk, the real mural.

I rather liked the individual take on the usual coral reef scene strewn all around the walls of Key West. Underwater life reflected in a dive mask.

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