Friday, June 29, 2012

Go Fly A Kite

Riding by Higgs Beach one blustrous evening and I saw a bunch of kites flying high.

When I stopped by I saw a dude on the beach with a kite mired in the sand. It was perhaps too windy for the little guy.

Out the water the conditions were right for crashing through the eighty degree wavelets.

I suppose it's fun if you like that kind of thing.

The strong southeasterlies were still wreaking havoc with the dude's little kite.

I can appreciate the technique and the stamina needed for those racing around on the water.

I feel bad for the surfers who seek waves in Key West. The waters here are barely waist deep so rollers aren't on the cards. Except in hurricanes but we'll leave that alone for now and hope for another quiet summer.

Fun on the water, not so much on the beach.

I love how they race around without safety gear, life jackets, helmets or high visibility anything. It's nutter versus nature and they were having a blast.

Mind you, I'm not sure how much fun it is to watch other people having fun scrolling back and forth on a lovely fresh afternoon.

I watched for a while wondering had I been younger if I could have got int this instead of conventional sailing. Nah, not bloody likely.

I had a girlfriend once in Santa Cruz, California, who wanted to learn to surf in one of the world's surfing hot spots. Even lust couldn't drag the younger me into a wetsuit, to lie on a board and wait to get rolled by a very large cold wave. The relationship, such as it was, was doomed.

Some people find kite boarding fascinating. Some photographers carry around lots of equipment and a bevy of very useful "assistants."

I wasn't sure what caught the cyclist's attention as he paused in the shade, but I had an idea.

They make a nice colorful background I suppose the kites.

For me it was a pleasant little break on my way to work to do some people watching.

It exhausted me just watching these people.

And some people just sat there and got in the way of my pictures. Telephones are absolutely everywhere all the time. How did we do before some annoying person invented them?

Nice break.

Time for night shift in police dispatch. Better that than getting dragged across the water by a barely controlled kite!

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