Friday, March 11, 2011

One Last Cold Front?

Well bugger, winter returned with a vengeance to the Florida Keys yesterday afternoon. The big winner was Cheyenne who got her wooded beach walk with myself Wayne and Chuck and their dogs, just before the cold black clouds rolled in from the north.It went from 86 and muggy with a summer sun scorching the ground, to dark dank horizontal rain and wind gusts strong enough to put one in mind of a hurricane.
On the whole Cheyenne is pretty much undisturbed by thunder but direct overhead claps of Thor's door knocker had her worried enough to follow me around under the house as I put away the laundry and secured the sheds. Then we sat and watched Nature's display of awesomeness.The wind howled and shook the branches and the rain flew in under the house. The canal in front of my dock developed little wind waves racing toward the exit fighting the homecoming boats.The rain seemed endless and my house cleaner was upstairs sorting out our twice weekly mess. Skinny looked at the rain pouring down and looked at the Bonneville sitting there waiting to ride... "You aren't taking that tonight...are you?" It's more fun to have a challenge every now and again I told her, beside I have waterproofs. She walked away shaking her head at my pig headed stupidity. It has been a long dry spell so no doubt this rain is a welcome thing and I watched the sea grape leaves nodding their wet leaves in agreement.
When the cold hit temperatures started to drop - and of course I will get grief from the Amish Nude Photography Club for saying this but - the wind was cold, even though the thermometer didn't seem to agree.This weekend temperatures will drop below 60 at night and that is too low thanks. Cold dry air is undoubtedly good for the laundry.Cold wet air sprinkled the Bonneville with rainwater. I shrugged my shoulders as the cleaning crew upstairs restored order to the house and I got out my polishing rags and tire gauge and went to work looking over the Triumph while I had time on my hands.The power boats were all home with dripping wet crews but the slower sailboat was back just in time to see the end of the rain. A pity I got a slow shutter speed on this lovely catboat.
I had planned to go see what was what at Smathers Beach, but this was no day to go to work early to look for lovelies in bikinis. And I had to have a few photographs to prove it.