Saturday, May 19, 2012

Parking Woes

Yesterday I wrote around a few pictures I took at Duval and Eaton Streets watching the world go by on two wheels. Today the other face of the two wheeled coin: parking.

I am the first to admit I am anal when it comes to living life and I like things done my way, but general stupidity does irritate me one step further.

Granted there was lots of room across the street from my dentist's office but why did the guesthouse resident feel it was okay to just dump his scooter across the space?

It was still three after I came back with nicely cleaned teeth thirty minutes later. Not everyone fails to understand the principle of good manners and perpendicular parking. This rental scooter is at least pointing straight at the curb.

Parking is a big industry on a small island pullulating with vehicles. This woman spends a lifetime of days sitting on Whitehead Street propping up the sign pointing to the Steve Walker lot on Caroline at Telegraph Lane.

Skateboarding on Duval is forbidden but these four little wheels are a smart way to go around town for youngsters with a sense of balance.

This is the proper way to park a two wheeler, rear tire in, touching the curb, perpendicular to the sidewalk.

The idea is to point out so the motorcycle leans into the camber safely, and while parking the rider has control of the roadway. When leaving the rider can see who is coming and when it's safe to leave and join the flow of traffic. Easy peasy, at least for those of us with OCD.

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