Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Puddle Jump

I took Rusty out to Summerland Key to see if the recent dry spell had cleared up one of our favorite muddy trails. We got so far, me balancing with great care on my cane between rocks and gravel until I came to the one fatal spot where the road dips low enough tidal waters penetrate and cover the road ankle deep year round. 
Rusty ran on ahead and I leaned on my cane ruing the days when with a pair of Crocs I would wade happily after him. These days with my wobbly legs I'd just fall and have to wait for an illegal off road vehicle to come by on the weekend to pick me up... 
 So Rusty came back quite happily and put up with my inability to ford the obstacle. 

Good dog.
 I got some pictures and he let off some steam running down the trail.