Friday, July 17, 2020

On The Road

I have reached that time of the year when I get a long vacation from answering 911 and fielding calls to the police department. As much as I enjoy working at Key West PD I do also enjoy my breaks and I try to get in a long stretch away early in hurricane season before the threat of storms gets serious, usually in September and October. So it is that we now have our camper van to use for a vacation which it happens is a pretty good deal in this time of coronavirus. I am supposed to be back at work on August 8th so I have three weeks to explore while remaining socially distant. This page will not be focused on Key West and will most likely not get daily updates. Things will return to normal in the second week of August I hope. Maybe sooner if our travels are stymied by the virus.
Our original plan was to go to Maine for cool weather and friends who live isolated as they too fear the effects of contagion. The northeast has long since imposed quarantines on incomers so that was out. Our desire to spend more time in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Up State New York will have to wait. Then we thought go to Chicago and visit equally self isolated cousins while combining a tour of Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula, two area unknown to us. Also hopefully some cooler weather...At the moment it's impossible to say if we can pull this off in our self contained van but if plans have to change we have no reservations, or tickets or requirements to be anywhere. 
Our back up back up plan is to explore Appalachia which is not new to us in general as my wife's sister lives near Asheville and we had hoped to go further afield. I tell people who for some unaccountable reason call the police department for advice that if they come to the Keys prepare to be flexible, rules change and not everything may be open or available. So now I get to take my on advice.
We spent the last week sorting our tuff and loading the van and filling the water tank and second guessing our choices so by the time you read this we will I hope, be in North Florida or close to Asheville casting off the cares of the daily grind. I hope in less than two years to be on the road to Alaska but that is a high expectation considering all the madness and uncertainty this year has brought into our lives. I may find myself still working and glad to have a job with health insurance and seniority....
It may seem implausible but I shall look forward to returning to local walks with Rusty as he returns to his favorite trails. He is a creature of habit but he wouldn't want to be left behind, nor would we wish tot ravel without him. Just as I won't mind being back at work, my wife enjoys her students, online or in person and she expects to be teaching from home for her last year with the Monroe County School District. For now we shall see what we shall see and I shall post here some pictures as I am able. Have a good summer yourselves- I intend to, socially distanced, masked but on the road somewhere.
Dog is My Co-Pilot. Not really but he likes to get up close and look out while we are parked ready to see what's next.