Thursday, October 10, 2019

Long, Straight, Roads

Honestly I don't know how I resist the temptation every day to go out and point my camera down long straight empty roads in the Keys. The empty season is coming to a close, Labor Day till the first snowfalls Up North, that is  the last small slice of the year when outsiders aren't swamping these small islands and with that massive storm predicted Up North...well, we know what's next! So we gear up for Fantasy Fest and prepare for people to start fleeing cold weather  I take the time to enjoy empty back roads one last time.  Doesn't it look cool?
For some reason the infrastructure was laid out in grand style across what are still largely uninhabited islands and consequently the surface is smooth and undamaged except occasionally where dips in the road are caused by subsidence.  These are pretty much the only corners you will find and they are pretty sharp. 
Some days I envy the splendid isolation of these mansions in the midst of mosquito breeding mangroves but the drive to a job in Key West would take an hour and that's a lot in place where commuting has only recently been required by unavailable house prices in the city. I used to be eccentric for preferring to commute from Mile Marker 27, nowadays it's the norm.
I love the long empty lines, free of cars people and spandex cyclists. You can come out where with a folding chair and park by the side of the road and read to your heart's content all by yourself. It is how I get away without having to be on the water.
Highway One in the distance, below,  rising up 40 feet above the water at Niles Channel between Ramrod and Summerland Keys. The single road connects everything and its hard to get away from it. Walking the wilderness apparently all by yourself you will still hear the rush of traffic on the road is the wind is blowing in the right direction.
That's  one reason I would much prefer to live south of the highway. Most of the time the wind blows from the southeast blowing vehicle noise away from you. I notice the north winds in winter because suddenly I can hear cars if I walk Rusty close to my home on the south side of Cudjoe Key.
I don't like noise, thanks to my Asperger's no doubt so I tend notice stuff that other people neither notice nor care about. My wife never hears the cars on the highway and looks at me in surprise when the north winds blow and I grumble about it.
 Odd sort of wilderness isn't it? Empty flat and featureless. Like the ocean in  way. I really like it.
The transition from cold air conditioned car to humid exterior fouled up the lens on my camera and produced a fuzzy yet pleasing image. A typical hazard when living in a sub-tropical climate.