Saturday, September 7, 2019

A Dinosaur On The Bridle Path

Bright sun, a brown dog and lots of lovely non native palms. 
It must be the Bridle Path where people supposedly exercised their horses in days of yore.
You'll always see lots of people exercising along the seawall:
And as Rusty sniffed I played with reflections in puddles.
It has been a wet summer filled with thunderstorms. 
How can you not like  South Roosevelt? Quintessential Key West.
I'm not sure what this object is, below, I've seen it up close in the past which hasn't helped but it is some kind of platform, like a very small oil rigor something and every now and again it turns up in Key West harbor. 
And then we have the usual types of boats looking good:
This change will be a big deal for people coming to Key West this winter expecting to park their vehicles directly under the trees next to the picnic tables. The county has created separate parking areas paved and cut off from the tables by paved cut outs.
I was down the bridle path and I hadn't covered myself in insect repellent so I was torn between the need to run and the need to stay. 
I'm not a huge fan of iguanas that eat every living green thing this side of hell but this one, barely visible above was quite the spectacular example of the genre:

Gross huh?

Through the foliage you can see the edge of the airport across the salt ponds, the tidal lagoon in the middle of the eastern end of Key West:
And behind me the civilized beauty of the coconut palms and South Roosevelt, bug free and clear. I ran for my car my arms and legs itching like crazy.