Friday, March 30, 2012

Colorful Simonton

Gary the Carpenter's office is at 800 Simonton on the south side of Petronia, the store with the bright yellow sign.

It's a landmark but Gary himself is a noted figure in Key West who took his last chance many years ago when his life was going off the rails but he turned it around and now makes a point of hiring people in need and giving them a chance with a job.

Across Petronia Street this deli has been several eateries but none of them seem to make it.

That the building is abandoned is obvious by the uses to which it is put.

Credit cards still accepted though...

I don't know what the plaque means, as there is no website attached (!)

I liked the color scheme on the house.

And the mailbox.

This one too, next door, worked well with the pink and green.

And across the street the longstanding brilliance of the white and blue of the presbytery attached to the church.

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