Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Low Viz

I am not a fan of high visibility motorcycle clothing. It seems to me the modern fad for passive safety devices takes away from the responsibility of riders to take responsibility for themselves while on the road. The notion that simply wearing bright clothing somehow enhances "safety" is lazy and thus unsafe by definition. Especially in a world where driving a car is an extension of an over taxed lifestyle, a place where we are expected to talk text and prepare for the day's events. Anything but drive!

The idea that distracted drivers will notice bright clothing seems nuts to me, especially when, as shown above, a few solid boxes or fairings will cover up the safety clothing from view. So much for high visibility.

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Blue Ridge Parkway Scenes

I got positive comments from my last series of pictures from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia so on my most recent trip I took a few more. These scenes are typical, yet for all that as evocative in a mountainous way as water scenes are in the Florida Keys.

I love the open sunlit valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwest Virginia, of high elevation yet not shade filled deep cut valleys that eliminate sunlight.

The Parkway is a famous road that carries it's fame modestly. The surface is smooth as commercial vehicles are banned. The roadside verges are newly cut like lawns, the fences are as much decorative as useful.

It is a road much loved by motorcycle riders despite the ridiculously low 45mph speed limit. It is a road designed for contemplation and meditation not adrenaline.

Farmers own crops right up against the commercial free Federal lands that protect this narrow strip of communal roadway.

There are lots of turn outs and I was amused to see how quickly the bikes would stop, snap a quick one and keep on trucking.

The road enticed them back. Cheyenne and Sandra and I breathed in the woodsy air and sniffed the hummus under the trees and felt the springy fresh grass as we individually contemplated the woods around us.

Here came a dual sport rider probably only wearing the helmet because its required in the Commonwealth, but being a non conformist I liked his absurdly informal dress.

A quick peek at the scenery through his visor and off he went without even turning off his single cylinder behemoth.

Crumble and decay like a vacation postcard for the too harried to stop:

The irony of the large sign on the back of their trailer probably didn't occur to these speedy Québécois.

I really like how the trees over shadow the roadway. I have often wondered why the Overseas Highway doesn't have a Ron of palms lining the roadway shading cars and cyclists as they go.

Another quick pic in situ and off they rode.

I saw flowers...

...and insects...

...and toadstools...

...and gnarly living tree bark...

...and finally one rider, another Frog Canadian who got off his machine and savored the spot for a minute or two.

And then it was back to the non rat race.

And I was there kind of not wanting to be disloyal to my dog...

...but at the same time wanting to be a bit disloyal to my chum...

...because it occurred to me it is time I ride the parkway properly on my Bonneville.

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