Friday, October 25, 2013

Fantasy Fest 2013 - Friday Afternoon Naked Ladies

Waiting for the local's parade, officially the Masquerade March I went to Duval and Greene this afternoon, the epicenter of the week's madness. If nudity offends I hope you have already looked away I wrote a long title to this essay to be clear on that subject. The pictures I hope speak for themselves.

Michael Beaudet the palm weaver is back from two years in Hawaii, today with his biggus dickus.

"Get me to the chapel..."

Too hot for you? Get some ice...

Super heroes...
...and their super heroines ( I thought they were gay at first but he put me it were).

Sometimes you just gotta take a break.

Cindy asked about Cheyenne...
She doesn't like crowds but she likes our bed. Good girl.
Locals parade pictures wil come later, of course.

709 Baker's Lane, Key West

The way I take pictures for this blog is pretty simple. I walk or ride around with my Android HTC 4G telephone to hand and I snap what I see. I am very fond of the phone as a camera and most of the time I think of it as a picture taking device not as a means of communication. It has built in filters and I enjoy playing with them so you will see color saturated pictures or because key west is so full of colors sometimes on a whim I scale the saturation level back. I try not to do the black and white artistic thing too often as the point of my diary is to show things as they are, warts, telephone lines, outrageous colors and all.

I mention this by way of introduction because when I was on a lunch break with nothing in particular to do I scanned some of the author addresses in Key West that I wanted to photograph and I selected Baker's Lane as the next in my vague series about authors' forgotten homes in this literary town.


So when I pulled up near 709 Baker's Lane and discovered that it was the scene of much activity that blocked my photographic view I was left with a couple of pictures and no coherent story. I got a couple I liked and ran out of time and went home wondering what to do. Add old pictures of the lane in my files? Make do with the few I got? So Instead I went back, with Cheyenne in tow this time. Different day, different pictures, same place.