Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rusty On Truman Waterfront

When my Trainer asked me to come in at 6am Saturday I said yes and I was eager to do it.  I was off Friday night and I set the alarm for 4:30. Getting up before dawn is no great pain for me when the temperatures are mild and the night air doesn't freeze the water in your pipes or the breath in your lungs. Young Rusty was a bit bemused when I rousted him from his fetal position on the couch, his preferred bed, but he was ready for a walk in darkness.
Rusty is a nervous city walker, as there are too many noises and people and dogs for comfort, so I have to steel myself to get him to walk where he isn't quite as happy...but this morning my plan was to get another glimpse of my favorite urban space, still untouched by planned crazy developments.  We got there shortly after five and he was delighted by the open spaces. As was I.
I have to confess I was nervous about the edge, a sudden precipice leading to heaving black saltwater and no easy way back up. I imagine myself stripping and jumping in and swimming him to the ramp half a lifetime away...but he was ahead of me determined to live and enjoy another walk another day. I chose to stay well away from the edge as will be reflected in the pictures.

Back at the parking area I found this pretzled bike rack which forced me to ponder what the driver did upon hearing the first sounds of crunching: "Oh well, it's probably nothing, I'll just try again." And so they kept on pushing until this was the result. Good work chaps.
 Then I met Sean who put me to work while Rusty kept watch on an almost empty Duval Street:
 I like being up in the dark and the view, usually filled with tourists is empty instead. The sky is that ricj velvety black and lights are islands in a sea of darkness.
And then there's me grunting away while Sean watched the clock for me to measure my torture and Rusty kept guard. Good dog. Happy Saturday morning.