Friday, April 12, 2019

Signs of Summer

We were walking downtown when I said to my wife it feels like summer. I was not wrong, the heat of summer is back at last and even though it's not hot and sticky the weather has turned. I am not a fan of being cold so the cool breeze is welcome but the heat of a strong sun overhead is even more welcome to me. 
I am not a purist and air conditioning is required in my summer life to be comfortable and to sleep well. I do use the sunroof in my car which gets a nice flow of air when a back window is open but I am not a fan of convertibles in this climate. I was amused to note the Quebec tag on this $75,000 car according to a friend of mine who knows this stuff. They keep telling us we can't afford Medicare for all but Canada  can and they have their share of  people who can afford nice stuff. Weird, eh?
It's been raining a bit  and a short cut I take sometimes in the morning to avoid  jams on the highway took me by surprise by being flooded. I guess it rained a fair bit near Baby's Coffee. Another sign of summer, I say hopefully.
 I was walking Rusty at Little Hamaca Park and in the distance I saw a flurry of planes maneuvering. The airport was busy with small planes leaving. It reminded me of the RVs I've been seeing lately northbound on the highway. Winter is over I tell my wife hopefully.
Strong sunlight, shiny palm fronds and bright flowers, all of which flourish here in winter. Still I tell myself  with a touch of self delusion, another sign of Summer.
Casa Antigua is still there on Simonton Street across from the Federal Building. However the Pelican Poop Shoppe selling dustcatchers and souvenirs is long gone. Now there's a very modern Escape Room here instead. The old signs  are forgotten reminders of a world that has died away. With winter over  there is room downtown for me to wander and remember. 
 I saw this oddity, a pad to protect a gutter from a palm trunk.  Makes sense I suppose.

 Duval Street reflected in a  quiet moment:

 Sunday morning, church doors flung open, all welcome I suppose. Summer stillness.