Friday, August 7, 2015

Key Largo Chocolates

The picture below is hardly unusual as we live in a society where fancy chocolates are popular and much enjoyed far across the fruited plain. I like chocolate so when my wife said "Stop!" we did just that, at Mile Marker 100 and-a-half.
This is a very wicked place and they treat unsuspecting new arrivals to a very cunning plan. They offer you tastes of their chocolates. After that it's all over. I am no fan of dark chocolate but these people make a type of dark chocolate I had never before tasted, it was smooth and creamy, not bitter and not grainy. If every piece of dark chocolate tasted like this I would be tempted to eat the stuff all the time. The white chocolate was just that, not a greasy lump of coca butter. I wonder what their secret is?
My wife was in charge of purchases reining in my natural tendency to overdo things so we never did get to try the fudge. It looked first rate, just like the ice cream at the opposite end of the room.
They also offer other stuff including the Key West Rubbers which is a rather tedious play on the -nudge nudge wink wink - sexuality that plays such a public role in advertising. Key West Rubbers aren't condoms goodness me no, they look like French Letters but they are packets of rub to make your meat ( wink wink) taste better. You're  welcome.
You'd think the  bright  colors would be like a beacon to passing vehicles but  until I was told to stop I had never noticed the chocolate place before. Perhaps because I am usually the driver (intent on getting home) or because I am an idiot. In any event they are here, as you can see.
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