Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thompson And Leon

It's an innocuous looking street in New Town, a place in the outer reaches of Key West.

Thompson Street is relatively wide and shaded.

Just because this is the part of town that was built after the 1960s, doesn't mean the buildings can't be grandiose.

Tara isn't in it.

But there again boats and trailers and low Florida bungalows also line these streets.

It's the great thing about Key West, it's all mixed up and you never know what house is next up the street.

Then there is the transformer sitting there in the residential neighborhood doing it's job.

And at the north end of the street the huge 62 foot tall slab that is the Horace O'Bryant Middle School.

Which was where I took a left and drove over one block to Leon Street which has no become a one way southbound, back toward Flagler.

There was the usual storm in a tea cup when the city got Federal funds to build sidewalks on Leon Street. That required making it one way which was inconvenient for me as I used to use it as a straight shot to the Police Station from Flagler. These days I can't.

Nevertheless I like how the street looks and sidewalks in my opinion are no bad thing.

Navigating Key West you get used to landmarks to remind you where to make your turn, everyone does it. This pink shrine marks Leon at Flagler.

Except nowadays you can't turn north, and old habits die hard.

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