Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sunday Lunch

The goal was to get out to Tarpon Belly Key for lunch, using Robert's power cat hauling the fixings for a grilled lunch under the Australian pines. 
The mission was successful. We grilled burgers, drank lemonade, swam, talked exercised Roberts dog, who unlike Rusty is boat trained, and then I napped on the half hour boat ride back to the dock.  Oh, and I took pictures. 
It was a lovely day for it, classic blue skies white clouds and crystal clear waters.  Check it out:
Dolly and Robert, our hosts.
Tarpon Belly comes in two halves, the private island for sale for two million bucks I'm told, and the publicly owned half where the shrimp farm was based once upon a time. In between is a deep channel bridged by concrete blocks.   We were all familiar with the island and as Rusty was home I felt no need to explore, so I ate and swam and enjoyed the views. Then we packed up and skimmed home.
 Soon enough we were back in civilization. oh well. 
Florida living, year round.