Sunday, May 18, 2014

From The Archives, 2011

Summer is coming back, like it was three years ago, swimming season and beach time.
 Key West is colorful, even when pictures are in black and white. Here in color on White Street:
 Cheyenne hasn't changed that much since the summer of 2011.
 The views are the same, more or less, of the Overseas Highway,
 And my Bonneville still takes me to and from work in the dark. A diversion one morning to see the dawn at Boca Chica Beach:
 The Conch Train, the only train in the Keys, and behind it Casa Antigua, the ancient home, first place of residence of Ernest Hemingway, much touted:
 Badboy Burritos were starting to make their mark, delivering on their purple Vespa 50:
 The red slogan on this common-or-garden Asian scooter refers to a local writer who turned hopeless politician for one election season:
 Strength through sun and peddling:
 Slouching Harley:
 And a classic BSA Victor 441 single cylinder. Classic bikes show up in town from time to time and I like to see them:
 Chicken and chicks, as always:
This picture, below, intrigued Doug Bennett enough that when he started experimenting with pictures on his blog, This Week On The Island he added this picture, which gave me greater appreciation for it!
This "sea food truck" has moved on and White Street Station has taken it's spot next to the Chevron with some really interesting food to go. You should check out the mac and cheese sandwich..
 I wonder what their story is?
 Hers? Same as the ones at the top of the essay I suppose.
Key West, the not-beach-town which sometimes wishes it was.