Thursday, October 14, 2010

Southernmost Tourists

I wandered by the southernmost point and became entranced by the sight of people lining up to take their pictures.So what is the fascination with this, the supposed southernmost point in the continental United States? Through the fence you can see the tip of the actual southernmost point, tucked away inside the Navy base and thus not accessible to civilians.In Hawaii there is a the southernmost point of the whole United States (excluding territories which would put it in American Samoa I daresay?). Judging by the pictures I've seen they don't make much of a song and dance about it.In Key West the Point gets afresh coat of paint each year after the ocean has washed the last lot away.Those tourists not overwhelmed by the whole experience line up to get their pictures taken.It's a family thing, apparently. That would be the Southernmost Shed in the background, behind the patient line.
The cars roll by, locals acting all impatient, taxis and pedicabs pointing out this natural wonder as they go.The funny thing is that a good few years ago the City Commission considered moving the Point as the neighbors were complaining about the crush of tourists. We sometimes get complaints at the police department of local scammers charging tourists money to take their picture. But still they keep coming, in droves, to stand just 90 miles from Cuba, the Forbidden Isle, which is closer than Miami from here.I got tons of pictures of all this activity...
...yet there isn't really much to say.I suppose it's inevitable that living close by... becomes a tad indifferent, like this pedicab the charms of the stubby little dildo, a rather less than charming description of the Point. I doubt they call it that on the sightseeing tours that pass by periodically.
And still they line up at the corner of South and Whitehead Streets.
To get their pictures taken.
Half a block away at the not-quite-southernmost House they sell souvenirs of this splendid monument.
The not-quite-southernmost Point. Near enough for tourist work.