Friday, January 14, 2022

La Playa In Photos

I have collected some photos during the past three days sitting here on the beach. As I sit here the rooftop solar panels are charging our batteries with between ten and fifteen amps each hour on this bright sunny day. The cabin of our Promaster is infested with flies; so much so we are starting to get used to them! We will be looking for good old fashioned fly paper when we return to the land of shops. Layne made scrambled eggs for brunch with the last of our fresh flour tortillas. I swept the cabin. Rusty who declined a morning walk today as he sinks into stereotypical Mexican torpor, is sleeping in his bed which I put outside in the shade of the van. No fishermen no shrimp boats no cars or motorcycles on the beach so we are alone in the silence created by the sound of surf. So far no one has robbed us, threatened us, or demanded bribes. No one has asked us to move on, leash our dog or complained about our parked van. All I have to do is keep Layne and Rusty happy. So far they are doing even that without my interference! 
Enough words.