Friday, October 9, 2020

Southard Street

I thought to myself "Amazing Cleaning" as the car drove by and then he strolled into the frame.  He actually looked quite well put together under his natty white hat which I think is a Panama, but I don't wear hats very often so I can only guess.  A fedora is made of cloth and a trilby is turned up at the back. Therefore by default this hat is a panama, no?  
By this evening Hurricane Delta should be grinding up the Mississippi delta as a major hurricane with lots of water to deposit on the already quite wet wetlands. As usual one feels relief that it's them and not us, a form of relief with some guilt mixed in. 
Florida Keys
However the skies over the Keys have been quite peculiar for the past several days, a whirling mixture of sun one minute  and gray veering into back another minute accompanied by sudden bursts of rain and a constant thrumming wind. 
Southard Street
My wife working at home sends me grumbly texts to my desk 25 miles away reporting thunder, an anxious dog and rain flooding the ground. I look out of the window at work and see blue skies and tranquil sunshine. An hour later the situation is reversed. It is very unpredictable. 
Key West Vegetarian
What is predictable is the humidity hanging over us all. Lots of that all the time. This picture I took when walking Rusty early Wednesday a few moments after a downpour caught us on Eaton Street so we took sjhelter at the theater for five minutes and then strolled back to the car.
Hurricane watching, from a safe distance, is one way to take your mind off this grotesque political month.