Friday, April 10, 2020

Caroline Coronavirus

I got an e-mail titled "A Bunch of Rambling" from a  friend in Arizona. Thanks Bruce, now I've got to figure out how to write a page that is as interesting. I took Rusty up Caroline Street Wednesday when I was in town to get prescriptions and of course no one was around.  The Marker Hotel is silent and dark, which it obviously has to be...I normally walk by and wish the old Jabour's Trailer Park was still there. 
Even before the coronavirus problems it was getting harder to find quirky sights in Old Town, a  by product inevitably of gentrification. However as I trail along behind Rusty I keep an eye open. This one I liked (below) which has the capacity to bring a  gentle smile when you know the pineapple is traditionally a symbol of welcome in Key West. Which is why they are everywhere in home decorations and gingerbread designs. 
In normal times you'll see a line of people drinking coffee and reading papers on the porch so once again you get  a little jolt seeing the chain across the steps and the porch empty and the front door closed. 
Similar picture slightly changed by the presence of a homeless guy pedaling by. Nothing and no one else. I remember when the zombie apocalypse fad was its height and people around me would speculate how great it would be to have all debts cancelled and life lived at it's most fundamental instead of dealing with modern societal limitations. I wonder if those faddish thoughts have been pushed aside by the reality of lock downs and closures and too much time on their hands.
Hope your bike doesn't get a flat. Apparently bike shops aren't essential so you'd better get back to your spooning skills and dexterity with patches and glue and all that ghastly childhood drama. Rubber wasn't so durable when I was a youngster and roads were covered in trash so fixing a  flat was a required skill and aside from being useless at it, pinching the tube on the rim with painful regularity, I hated doing it.
 And then we close this day's selection of pictures with a joke that drifted past my dog and I as we strolled so I could not resist. I labeled it Hopeful Scooterist on Instagram.
And that was five minutes of your life you won't get back. So now I'd better go and see what Bruce is blathering about. Check your e-mails, you never know what you might find!