Friday, August 12, 2016

Bridge Jumping

Therese was visiting and wanted to go on a  walk with my very photogenic dog. So Rusty and I agreed: Sugarloaf Key was the spot. 
We parked at the entrance to The Loop Road and were delighted to see some poor soul got a parking ticket for a violation. I've never seen that before in this spot...suddenly it all feels rather hard core.
We walked over the bridge which was rather heavily populated by youngsters enjoying not being in school and we found some serenity at the edge of the Straits of Florida:
Rusty wandered the rocky foreshore a bit and we stared at the wasteland wondering who comes to the Keys to sit on a  beach?
It reminded me of the Netflix show called "Bloodline" which was recently renewed for a third no doubt excellent season and it will continue to be shot in the Upper Keys.
There's only so much you can do with some salt water, a bunch of rocks and some tufted mangroves so we...
...headed inland and wandered round the rather picturesque quarry:
Back at the jumping bridge, as it's known, the action had not abated.  Testosterone filled the air, and I was glad I am just an old guy walking my dog.
Therese and I watched hopefully as the youngsters lined up to win the fair maiden's hand. Or something. I like watching the peer pressure drive the youngsters over the parapet; I've seen it before.
This is a popular spot and rightly so...
Off he goes...

All is well.
The idyll of growing up in the Keys.
 Cheyenne liked it here too.
Never too late to have a childhood.