Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seen At The Galleon

The Galleon Resort has a private marina attached to the complex and it is one of Key West's fancier marinas. I'm not sure what the rate is these days but it used to be north of two dollars a foot which gets expensive even for a modest 34-foot boat. The Galleon's docks float which is nice as the boat stays level alongside the dock as the tide goes up and down.In order to keep the dock attached to the land (which doesn't move up and down with the tides) they created ingenious little bridges which acts as ramps. Some people block the ramps by engaging in a battle of wits with the local fish, and as you can see a low tide puts the ramp at quite the angle:The floating dock principle is sometimes viewed as inferior to fixed docks when it comes to hurricanes and storm surge but the Galleon is still here and providing an easy walk ashore for all those hard workers and avid shoppers:The boardwalk around the marina is fixed firmly to land providing a pleasant viewing platform for passersby, of which there are a few:(No pets allowed at the Galleon). Walking past the boats makes boat living in a marina a rather public business. Imagine getting up in the morning, making coffee over the stove and looking up to see a nice person from Snowdrift, Iowa peering into your kitchen. It gets like that in touristy marinas, so it pays to be neat and not swear loudly and monotonously when you drop a wrench:And be friendly, because being rude doesn't work as a business attractant. I guess a large wet cigar in hand acts as bait for macho men looking to go out and kill innocent fish:If you prefer having someone else to make the bed for a few hundred extra dollars a night you can always rent a rabbit hutch with privacy and a splendid view of Key West Harbor:You are also safe from falling coconuts, which is one of those perils that make life so interesting in the sub tropics:But make no mistake this place is part of the Motherland, the place where one expects five star service in a five star marina, clean water and no funny money. One hopes all that and ease of access keeps the banksters and their bailouts coming to keep us all, more modestly, in the money:The New York Times, itself in need of a bailout, suggested Key West might be recession proof. So far it looks that way to some extent:It all makes you rather envy the low rent attitude of the pelican on the breakwater:Bird brain used to be an insult; not so much these days. Care free, rent free, blog free. The life of a pelican even at the Galleon.