Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saddle Sore

I just got back from a quick round trip to Lake City, 1012 miles (1600 kms at least) in 20 hours and 51 minutes from my house. I hope the Iron Butt people are impressed when I send them all my receipts and log and witness forms and on and on and on. Check their website if you've not heard of them. They are maniacs and motorcycle nerds all rolled up into one, so what they will do with me heaven only knows.

I am in surprisingly good fettle but want to eat and sleep and not download pictures right now. The Bonneville was perfect, but I did learn that cruising at 75+ miles per hour (120km/h) sucks up the gas at the rate of 40 miles per gallon (16 km/liter) instead of my usual 43-45.
kiss my iron butt.

Golfing Animals

It was on College Road I got the idea that perhaps the golf course had more than one story in it. I parked the wife's Vespa on the shoulder and noticed a mallard duck enjoying the water overflowing from the abundantly irrigated golf course next door.The duck was camera shy and ducked under the fence and waddled off before I could turn my squeeze box on.Of ducks there were quite a few luxuriating in the thick grass around the course:The inevitable rooster, one of Key West's free range birds that tourists love to photograph. , this time lording it at the edge of the golf course:And iguanas, the vegetarians that eat vegetation with a rapacity that equals that of the most brutal lawn mower.
It is annoying to think that this infestation occurred when some bored pet owner released these lizards into the wild where they flourished and went forth and multiplied. Some people find them fascinating and charming, and while I don't wish them harm directly (though I have thought of getting an air gun to protect my crops), they are bizarre.Iguanas are skittish creatures, always on the look out and ready to scamper off if they even think they sense the possibility of danger.They do get run over from time to time but there are far too many of them to let natural roadway selection cull the herd. Then there is this Florida native and I can't remember if it's an isis, osiris or a member of the heron family, or even an ibis. I am not a naturalist by inclination.
They carry out the same insect eating functions as chickens but they do it with a silent delicacy and grace that chickens can only dream about. And here are more mallard ducks, ducks that don't quack bless them, strutting through the grass by Highway One.
Checking me out across the bike path.
while overhead I heard the cooing of a delightful mourning dove. It was apparently not as impressed by me as I was by it. It left abruptly:Here is another shot of the bike path paralleling more or less, the Overseas Highway through Stock Island.Which is home to other forms of wildlife:Who needs changes of season and yellowing leaves when you have all this greenery and sunshine.