Friday, June 17, 2016

Harpoon Harry's

To meet for breakfast after my night shift I usually suggest Harpoon Harry's for a downtown destination. I get off work around six in the morning and the diner opens at 6:30 which is convenient.
I still arrived early of course which gave me the opportunity to be outside, looking in, watching the preparations for the day.
There is something strangely serene about the start of the work day when it coincides with the start of daylight. In the 1970s I had a job working in a warehouse ion the south of England where we sorted and stored foods for delivery to a chain of upscale grocery stores. I helped with deliveries riding in a truck up to London before dawn and I got to watch the sun illuminate the sky over St Paul's cathedral, the iconic dome over the city, while we drove city streets empty and silent except for our ancient army surplus truck crashing gears and roaring hopelessly  at low speeds.
I have never forgotten those early morning deliveries and the freshness of possibility every day before people and noise and mistakes had polluted the day. I got that same feeling watching the servers move around unhurriedly in the warmly lighted diner. Their day had yet to be interrupted by the business of work. the messiness of service, the noise of people. It looked beautifully peaceful, the peace made relevant oinly by what was to come.  
I sat outside at the rather absurd row of chairs waiting for their tables to be carried out for al fresco meals to be served here. GarytheTourist was on his way but my serenity was interrupted... the food delivery putting me in mind of my youth with WH Cullens of Dorking.
 A colleague at work recommended the BELT for a night shift worker like me more ready for dinner than breakfast. It's a BLT with an egg. I also got a side of grits as recommended by Shannon. Gary ordered the seafood omelette also with grits. 
I don't do breakfast very often, and in doing it I realise I miss it.