Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Dark Morning

I haven't been downtown much lately for a number of reasons, during the day it's hot and up till now tourist traffic has been heavy, and on my rare days off I have been sleeping a lot to try to catch up with the sleep deficit of overwork. Even Rusty seems to have slowed down a bit and perhaps middle age is catching up to him. In any event neither of us seems too keen to get up at 4.30 in the morning to capture these kinds of pictures.
But there are those exceptions, and whenever this day was, it was one of those days when I was moved to get up and drag Rusty downtown to see what was what.
I parked on Simonton Street at Greene and found myself staring at these townhouses that have been around I think half a dozen years already.
I look at these buildings and all I can think of is Boca Raton south. Not what realtors cheerfully call "Key West style" when they are trying to sell townhouses in Truman Annex. These modern towering structures are just more of the resort style. 
The Pier House, The Galleon, Ocean Key, the Opal Resort, the Hyatt Townhomes and now with Simonton Beach closed to all but customers of the burger joint (and no dogs) the waterfront is rather removed from the scenic part of Key West.
Silly aphorisms are decorative around here. You read this poster and it only looks tawdry and obvious if you pause a minute and imagine the reaction of anyone passing by! All our lives only make sense to each of us and I suppose trudging Greene Street to have a drink at Sloppy Joe's qualifies as a place seen and a memory made.
I have come to like the distillery with its emphasis on the city connection to Hemingway and his old fashioned joy in Key West. A friend of mine set me straight on this saying only Key West would use a writer to celebrate a distillery when I was whinging about the advertising. Hemingway made memories and didn't need aphorisms to guide him. 
Rusty the headless dog was finding urban gardens to study. The lack of attention to tidiness in Key West gives me hope that not all is too sanitized yet.
I don't think I noticed this symmetrical mansion on Ann Street previously. I did the other morning. 
It's Christmas time on Greene Street! Illuminated palms remind me of December.
And back to the ticket booth for Historic Tours. I was hoping to find it open and offering tours to another galaxy. No such luck.