Thursday, January 16, 2014

Veterans Park

I slept long and hard and when I awoke my dog was still snoring. When she finally deigned to get up we took off to enjoy a morning walk together. I still wasn't feeling terribly well so we went to Veterans Park which is small yet full of smells so Cheyenne could have fun and I wouldn't have to walk too much as I was still feeling quite weak. This cold has been an absolute bugger.

Colds are depressants so my thoughts have been quite gloomy, therefore it is better I think I post some pictures and leave the commentary for another day.








From my sick bed I have been watching Season Three of The Wire and Proposition Joe showed up at the beach and pulled a guitar from his car. His tag was from someplace Up North, Tennessee I think and the water views seemed to enthrall him. From behind I thought he looked, with his lanky dreads, like a young version of Proposition Joe, a moment made poignant as Robert Chew who played him, died recently. It was a hell of a role and I am enjoying my second go round on the Netflix discs of the TV series.

And so home to the couch, Theraflu and sleep. Wot a life!