Sunday, May 2, 2010


I got a request to photograph the bocce games which is a job that would require me to approach people and ask if I could bust their balls so to speak. The seed has been planted and perhaps one day I will pluck up the nerve. Meanwhile riepe, not to be outdone wanted me to explain my laundry and that is so much easier.Why anyone would want a picture of my clothes hanging up to dry is not something I can understand, but in the spirit of pissing a man off by taking him seriously when he does not want you to; here it is:
After Hurricane Wilma blew a foot of saltwater under the house in 2005 our brand new washer bought the farm a few months later and we replaced it. I know, looking back I should have sprayed fresh water on the motor and then sprayed corrosion block but I didn't think to. My Suzuki survived the storm as did my trees. It was just my washer that did not. The dryer followed shortly thereafter and we replaced that too. However, as time went by I realized I was only using the dryer in emergencies and I was hanging the clothes more and more.Using a clothes line I rigged zigging and zagging under the house I found that the business of washing the clothes and then hanging them meant I put them away a few days later, so the chore of doing laundry was nice and split up. And I wasn't wasting electricity force drying my clothes. After the dryer crapped out (the new one, the replacement for the model that drowned in Wilma) I just left it there, next to the washer and I use the carcass as a laundry table to sort the clothes on. It seemed a better use of it than taking it to the dump. When not in use the washer and the (dead) dryer sit under an old shower curtain decorated with swimming fish. In a hurricane situation I tie it up with rope to pretend that will do some good in 100 mph winds. Next to the shower curtain is the ultra violet filter for the rainwater cistern.I usually use aqueduct water for clothes washing as I think using rain water is a waste so I switch from the cistern to "City Water" by turning the two red knobs.
My wife works during the day so I do laundry after I get up at lunchtime and because I have many of the symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome I like to keep my hangers in one place ready for use. The blue tubes in the background are the charcoal and paper filters for the water cistern, our normal supply of drinking and showering water. Tea tastes lovely when made with rainwater.

There. Thats my laundry done more or less outdoors. Now I have to pluck up the nerve to photograph bocce players, also outdoors.