Thursday, March 8, 2012

Key West Not The Beach

We had a quick cold cold front the other day bringing sudden cool winds and rain and gray skies which soon blew away. Trees lost their leaves but cars did not lose their bumper stickers.

This guy looked more rural than you'd think Key West would warrant and a couple of miles away the beaches were starting to fill with youthful sun worshippers on break from schools Up North.

I keep finding lost shoes across Key West and this one was lying on the dead space surrounding the old Harris School.

I saw a hand written sign hanging on. The porch and wondered what sort of sales plan the homeowner was dreaming up.

"Beautiful Home" it. Says and I suppose that's true. I wonder what the price might be and if the owner has done the comparative checks so beloved of the professionals?

For a town filled with people, I managed to take a picture of a very empty Margaret Street.

The beautiful house is close to some pretty lovely views.

St Mary's spires visible, just barely, across the cemetery.

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