Monday, July 19, 2021

Amelia And Windsor

This is one of my favorite intersections in Key West, a mixture of architecture, powerful shade trees and touches reminiscent of a funkier past.
I came out on a recent lunch break to test my new waterproof camera hoping the bright sunlight would produce acceptable images to post online.
The Panasonic TS7 has a viewfinder so my wife sold the Olympus TG6 I bought which requires you compose on a screen like a cellphone which I dislike. The idea behind the indestructible camera is to be able to get images in windy, rainy, sandy, icy conditions that may wreck an unprotected regular camera. As it is capable of being used underwater the Lumix TS7 also comes with buttons that still work even if your fingers are wet, a problem I have found with cellphone screens.
I like this corner because stuff like this turtle thrive here:
And a lovely old limestone wall with  all those hints of a remembered sea cast into stone:
There is shade from tall trees:

And the intersection is weird jog which goes two ways, left and right to Royal street and right to Amelia towards Duval. Not symmetrical, not linear, and perfect.