Friday, November 6, 2020

Waterfront Market

Thursday is waterfront market day in Key West from 2 till 7pm. I took my, lunch at 2pm yesterday and drove rapidly to my destination. It takes longer than you'd think to drive across town, buy dinner, stop for some picture taking and get back to work, put the loot in the fridge and then sit down and say brightly: "Key West 911, where is your emergency?"
Florida Keys Waterfront
I managed it with suave indifference to the hurdles along the way. When I got back to my desk a caller asked me if he was anywhere near the  free overnight shelter, and then he told me he was on Duval Street. So I told him he was almost five miles from KOTS, the Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter, now run by someone called Cornerstone. Five miles he asked with some surprise. Is that North or South?
Yes well, that's why they call it the southernmost city. As you can see above the Truman Waterfront really is on the edge of the known world. To go five miles in that direction you'd need to walk on water. I, however only had to get as far as the Indian food booth. 
Samosas for starters, lamb vindaloo and chicken biryani to share and a few delicious mixtures to add in. Key West has been deficient in Indian food for a long time and a well masked market offering take away vindaloo is a very good thing for the city at the edge of the world. I drove, gloating, back in the direction of my desk.
It was an overcast day, as everyday seems fated to be as we await the arrival of this late season tropical depression. On the way out of the parking lot I stopped on the Angela Street extension and stuck the Fiat in a space on the side of the narrow street. 

I've photographed the old electrical station before but there was new and bright artwork on the wall so like a magpie I hopped out to have a look. I did not hop fast enough apparently because my slow movements to assemble my camera with the door open prompted a nice winter visitor to parp their horn imperiously at me. I did my best to look suitably serf-like as I got out of the way and regretted the Key West protocol of giving an old man a chance to get out of the way.  
Florida Keys
I rather like the bright abstract nature of the art. It will be splendid when the brick building is restored and turned into some kind of public space but for now as the bricks teeter from lack of support and care the art highlights the possibilities.

This one looked a bit sparse. I suppose it is Very Modern:

Then I saw the barricades and no doubt causing astonishment among the few passers by I stuck my camera through the fence and did the deed.
Then it started to to rain. So I went back to work. Now it's starting to rain on the days when I work as well the days I don't. I'll need an ark if this goes on.