Friday, May 5, 2017

Key West, Paradise

I promised Rusty an early walk after my first night off and I got him to Key West just as the sun was coming up. He ran with his nose down, I strolled with my camera.
I saw this wreck barely able to function after a night of hearty drinking. He ignored me as he struggled not to vomit> I am astonished by the numbers of people who drink themselves insensible on the streets of Key West and fail to make it back to their bedrooms before they pass out on the sidewalk somewhere. I work nights in dispatch at the police department and people call all night long to report people passed out on the streets. It blows my mind after all these years.
It's these early morning walks that help me clear my head, usually as we walk among the woods but in town it helps too. I have been struck lately by the aggravation in Key West over the usual stuff: parking,leaf blowers and street paving. Complaints are always being made on the same old subjects cycling through various topics as the year goes by. Frankly I didn't find car parking particularly difficult this past winter. Yet the complaints flooded in.
 One measure for me is how complicated is it to cross Eaton Street but this winter it was never excessively tricky to get through the traffic. That led me to think winter traffic was lighter than in years past...Besides anyone who buys an expensive home without off street parking in Old Town should expect not to be able to park nearby in winter months. But they complain anyway.
Street paving is getting critical on certain streets. Its funny because there is no frost or similar down here to tear up the winter streets but the paving is ignored for as long as is humanly possible so things get into a terrible state on certain streets (the ones that accommodate heavy trucks usually) and the city has to get around to doing what needs to be done.
It's funny how these relatively minor issues drive people batshit crazy. I have always liked living out of town on a quiet street with lots of parking under my stilt house and with quiet neighbors. Living in Key West is a mixture that I understand, the ease of getting around when you live here but the other side of the mixture is that difficulty of close living in a society that isn't adapted to it.
Photographing the pilot boat reminded me of it's major source of employment: guiding cruise ships into Key West. If you want another huge can of complaining worms start a conversation about cruise above love the money hate the source. A complaint for another day.